Hi, I’m Vicki!

I’ll go ahead and cut to the chase.

The folks I do my best work with are people pleasers and perfectionists.

These are the clients that end up leaving our time together looking and sounding much different than when we began.

Moving from:

“I feel bad for bringing up the issue. I know it will make her mad to talk about it. “

“I told her ‘no’ and then the conversation just kept going. No drama. No worrying about it. Simply ‘no, I can’t do that’ and it was done.”

Because these folks consistently get better in the office, it wasn’t a far leap for me to offer this work outside of the office as well.

That’s why I now offer both coaching and therapy for people pleasing and perfectionism.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy you ask?   

And which one is the best fit for my personal form of pleasing and being perfect?

I’ll tell you!


You’re a good fit for COACHING when you:

  • Are able to maintain what life throws at you in the day-to-day world.
  • Have tried to make changes on your own, but can’t make them stick.
  • You are avoiding people because your inner anger is no longer easy to hide.
  • You need someone to get you over the hump of setting boundaries without guilt
  • You are tired enough of fighting your fear of conflict that you are willing to get a little uncomfortable

All my coaching freebies and resources live on my coaching site Power to the Pleasers.

It’s a load of fun over there! Go check it out!


You’re a good fit for THERAPY when you:

  • Have significant daily anxiety which makes changing anything seem impossible
  • Know that pleasing and perfectionism aren’t working for you, but you have no idea how to do anything else.
  • Need to understand more about why these two strategies are your go-to ways of being in relationships before you make changes.


Still not sure which is one will get you where you need to be – hop on a call with me and I will help you get clarity!

Talk soon!


Understand why you do what you do. Work with life-long patterns that keep you stuck in people pleasing and perfectionism. 


Loosen the grip on living by super-human standards. Find the middle ground that offers satisfaction with your work and time to simply be yourself. 

People Pleasing

Relax the hustle to be liked and create fulfilling relationships with both give and take. 


Proven strategies. Personal guidance. Progress you’ve been waiting for. Coaching will build the bridge from where you feel stuck to where you feel freedom. 

We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

― Dalai Lama

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