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What is a normal amount of anxiety?

Right now I would venture to say that every person on this planet has felt some level of anxiety in the recent weeks. If you haven’t…I want to know your secrets! Since I am in the counseling field, I often use the term “anxiety” to describe a client’s experience of...

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Are you Controlling? Want to know why?

I talk a lot with clients about their inner critics because its one of the first inner voices we hear. One client told me, “If my critic isn’t on me all the time, my world will come down like a ton of bricks.” They went on to share that they have to consider every...

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Meet me on the Other Side

David Gray is a phenomenal artist. The song The Other Side is full and rich and deep and apropos for these times. This song and a meditation group gathering this week awakened some questions in me. I wanted to share them and whats come so far in the form of “answers”....

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Making decisions in tough times

Whew. It is tough out there right now and I know its temporary, but this is like the weirdest position we have ever been in, at least in my lifetime. A pandemic. Well, we all saw the movies warning us it was a possibility but that was Hollywood right? Apparently not....

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3 Components of Self-Trust

Trust is a feeling, a choice and a skill. Trusting ourselves and others is a courageous act. Trust as a feeling The feeling of trust is personal. Generally, if someone or some place is “safe” then we feel relaxed and we can let our guard down. The experience of...

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How to become my favorite client

Just like parents deny they have favorite kids, therapists deny they have favorite clients. (Did I just admit that?!) What makes a favorite client probably isn't what you think. Clients that are "easy" to work with aren't the ones without heavy issues. They aren't the...

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Not Good Enough

There is a common them in my office. “I am not good enough”. It’s so prevalent that I cannot not write about it. Most of us can identify times when we have felt insufficient, inadequate or unworthy. The feeling is hard to bear. The tightness, squeezing, shrinking,...

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I recently took a self compassion class. It was interesting because even though when I signed up I thought, "Oh my god, please let this finally teach me how to be nice to myself!", I resisted almost everything about the class. I kept telling myself the teachers were...

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