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3 Components of Self-Trust

Trust is a feeling, a choice and a skill. Trusting ourselves and others is a courageous act. Trust as a feeling The feeling of trust is personal. Generally, if someone or some place is “safe” then we feel relaxed and we can let our guard down. The experience of...

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How to become my favorite client

Just like parents deny they have favorite kids, therapists deny they have favorite clients. (Did I just admit that?!) What makes a favorite client probably isn't what you think. Clients that are "easy" to work with aren't the ones without heavy issues. They aren't the...

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Not Good Enough

There is a common them in my office. “I am not good enough”. It’s so prevalent that I cannot not write about it. Most of us can identify times when we have felt insufficient, inadequate or unworthy. The feeling is hard to bear. The tightness, squeezing, shrinking,...

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I recently took a self compassion class. It was interesting because even though when I signed up I thought, "Oh my god, please let this finally teach me how to be nice to myself!", I resisted almost everything about the class. I kept telling myself the teachers were...

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The Art of Making a Decision

I just recently made a good decision. For me it was a good decision. I am not sure how others dealt with my decision, but I do know that I felt so many things as I was making it that I wasn’t sure I would actually make it. My decision was to take a day off work. I...

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How to be in a Good Mood

I think I might have figured something out that's been a huge mystery to me. How to be in a good mood I was folding laundry and as my mind wandered, I realized I wasn’t hating doing the chore. I don’t hate laundry, but in my mind, I am continually assessing and...

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How I became a worrier and the one question that saved me

If you know me and you know my family then it isn’t any mystery how I became a worrier. My mother and father did a great job instilling in me the need to be fearful of the world. My father was a workaholic and constantly trying to get the praise of his superiors....

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Shifting out of “stuck”

When a client shares "I just don't see how this could ever be different", I get excited because I know personally that we are never truly stuck in hard place in our lives. There is always a way to shift and alter our present position. Early on in my career I had a...

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