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The Art of Making a Decision

I just recently made a good decision. For me it was a good decision. I am not sure how others dealt with my decision, but I do know that I felt so many things as I was making it that I wasn’t sure I would actually make it. My decision was to take a day off work. I...

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How to be in a Good Mood

I think I might have figured something out that's been a huge mystery to me. How to be in a good mood I was folding laundry and as my mind wandered, I realized I wasn’t hating doing the chore. I don’t hate laundry, but in my mind, I am continually assessing and...

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How I became a worrier and the one question that saved me

If you know me and you know my family then it isn’t any mystery how I became a worrier. My mother and father did a great job instilling in me the need to be fearful of the world. My father was a workaholic and constantly trying to get the praise of his superiors....

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How to make your life a little bit better

Sometimes life just piles it on, you know? You’re not expecting to be on this speeding train for very long and then before you realize, its been 4 months of non-stopness. What keeps rattling around in my head is – How do I get off this train? How do I get back into...

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Shifting out of “stuck”

When a client shares "I just don't see how this could ever be different", I get excited because I know personally that we are never truly stuck in hard place in our lives. There is always a way to shift and alter our present position. Early on in my career I had a...

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Your first “NO”

Holy Shit! I almost cried in a session today. Well okay, I did. You would have too because it was such a celebration. My client said “NO!” And was LIVING AND BREATHING in my office to tell about it!! I don’t have kids, but I kinda get that proud parent feeling now. I...

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