Feeling like a shell of yourself, but you’ve got to keep going?

Crossing your fingers and hoping to just get through the day?

Afraid if you dial it back that will mean you can’t handle it?

Stress doesn’t just pertain to the working aspect of our lives. Our personal experiences can feel overwhelming too. Whether we are dealing with small kids, aging parents, bad bosses, house repairs, financial strain, or our own health concerns, stress accumulates. And fast.

With as many personal and professional commitments we manage, it’s a wonder we able to keep up. Oh wait. Maybe we aren’t keeping up after all?

We believe we can handle multiple things – and handle them all well, but we end up just riding the rapids and not really thriving or enjoying our lives.

I lived with the mantra, “Just deal with it” or “that’s just the way things are” for years. Unfortunately, it didn’t offer me the motivation to soldier on and efficiently juggle it all like I had hoped. Overriding stress and promising ourselves we will eventually take time off and “bounce back” only takes us so far.

Why doesn’t it work to just tell yourself that things will be okay?

Why don’t things feel better after that complicated project finally ends?

Why doesn’t a vacation completely restore us?

Because even “normal” work and life stressors cause mental and emotional discomfort that is hard to shake off. Especially if we think we are ‘shaking it off’ by watching Netflix or having a glass of wine. Those normal stressors do eventually subside, but not without negative consequences.

Not without stress residue.

Just because we over-identify with our work or even our personal/family image, doesn’t mean we have to prove we can handle it all and ignore the many signals (headaches, stomach aches, change in appetite or sleep patterns – just to name a few!) we feel that say, “Slow down!”

Chronic stress seems normal, but it doesn’t have to be.

If we ignore the accumulation of this “normal” stress residue, it leads to burnout.

Burnout doesn’t have to be a programmed destination. Or even a badge of honor.

Curious to see if you have crossed the line from stress to burnout? Take this short quiz (coming soon).

Asking for help can be a hurdle in itself. Admitting that we are struggling to manage it all is contrary to what most of us high achievers believe about ourselves. But you landed on this page for a reason so let me share how counseling for burnout can help!

I specialize in working with people that give it their all. People that are often over-involved, super committed and take on a lot of responsibility in effort to reach their version of “success”.

Therapy for burnout can help you:

Learn to move from believing you “have to” to having more control over your schedule.
Learn to move from feeling foggy, tired and irritable to having more bandwidth to handle life.
Learn to move from phoning it in with family/friends to being fully present and enjoying time with people again.
Learn to move from only recuperating on the weekends to getting back into activities that fulfill your life.

These might seem good in theory, but are actually quite doable in real life. Now the question is how you get there!

I can help you move from theory to practice by learning to s l o w  d o w n. It’s the cornerstone of my therapy approach.

Burnout comes from soldiering on despite signals to slow down. Sometimes those signals are not as obvious as they could be. Therapy for burnout can help you step out of your schedule and see the effects of a go-go-go lifestyle, so when you step back on the fast track, you do so with awareness.

Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems are the best models I have used to help people become aware of their patterns instead of following them blindly. They also help us to stop using internal criticism to motivate change. We high achievers do like our inner critics don’t we?!

The therapy hour is your time. You get to pull into the station, unload and refuel. Whether you are bogged down by chronic stress and want to get a hold of it before it leads to burnout, or you’re already suffering from symptoms of burnout, I am here to help!

Here are some easy steps to get started on your counseling journey!

  1. Contact me, Vicki B. Smith, LPC
  2. Set up a short 5-10 minute phone call to discuss logistics and I can answer any questions.
  3. It’s time to release the tight grip of anxiety so you can reclaim your time and energy in order to live the life you desire!

Counseling for burnout isn’t the only service I offer in my Atlanta office. Other mental health services Vicki B Smith, LPC provides include treatment for anxiety, mindfulness, imposter syndrome, counseling for perfectionism, as well as codependency counseling.

A quiet mind is able to hear, intuition over fear.


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