Finally feeling confident to be yourself in relationships

You’ve always been good at being a “good” friend


Its natural for you to go above and beyond in relationships.


You’re the person everyone can count on to take care of things, make others feel special and calm the chaos.



And through your dedication, your loyalty and your incredible desire to see those around you happy, you’ve been able to


            Make even the most dysfunctional family gatherings enjoyable

            Help friends through cancer, divorce and horrible bosses

            And handle all that’s on YOUR plate without asking for help


But even though you’ve earned the title of “nicest person in the room” and given all you can to ensure everyone is happy and cared for…that’s not really your life’s goal.


You realized that being kind, generous and positive (and… as close to PERFECT as possible) aren’t sustainable. And frankly, not very enjoyable.


Lately you’ve felt angry and resentful of the people you used to feel the closest to. Not to mention burnt out and a bit rebellious (but only on the inside)


And friend…anger is not what you’re known for!


It’s hard to push that anger aside and (through gritted teeth) keep saying, “Sure, I’ll help out!”

It’s so freaking hard to keep up the “nice” façade!

I’m willing to bet you’ve resorted to isolating, ignoring texts and crossing your fingers hoping no one asks you for anything.



Somewhere along the way…


You woke up and thought, “I don’t want this to be who I am. How did I get here?! Im an adult and I haven’t figured this out yet?!”


Youre starting to see this people pleasing pattern playing out, but usually after the fact.


You have no idea why you are doing it and definitely not sure how to change it.


Doing relationships differently at this point seems impossible.


I mean, really…how do we break free from worrying about what other people think and simply feel okay being our unique selves?


I know YOU know that there is more out there!


Friendships that light you up, not weigh you down.

People that ask how YOU are doing and listen to your horrible boss stories.

Relationships that don’t require a ton of mental and emotional energy just to make sure they last.

Relationships where you can show up, speak up and laugh it up.

Relationships where YOU can take up space and be the focus instead of continually playing a supporting role.


You’ve heard about coaching, but do you really need it? 


You know my answer! Yes!


Everyone needs a personal guide to help you integrate all you’ve learned so far and actually, truly, like I-mean-it-this-time, implement the dang tools!


Let me share something with you…there is a way to move from just talking about what you want to seriously living it!


That exhaustion? That anger you feel inside? They are telling you something.


Hey…psst…its time for a change!


You’re right there.

You can feel it.

That itch to really step away from the long time pattern of being the “yes” person, apologizing all the time and settling for crumbs in relationships.

It’s time for a break from all the hustling for approval.


My clients come in feeling exhausted, defeated and so sick of freaking worrying if people are upset with them!


They try to carve out time and energy to change things, but alll that other stuff you have overcommitted to out of obligation…it continues to take  precedent.


Being caught in the round-about of these patterns is overwhelming and draining.


You need some time for yourself.


Permission to step away and hit the pause button on your obligations so you can re-evaluate what you want. (Which is one of the most common things I hear from clients “I don’t know what I want.”


If you’re game… 


Coaching can help you understand why you show up in relationships as a pleaser and how to gracefully untangle yourself from this pattern.


When I hear my clients speak from the confidence and trust they’ve found through our work…I cry-celebrate with them. Ask them! Ask them how many times I say (with tears in my eyes), “THIS IS SO AMAZING! ARE YOU HEARING YOURSELF RIGHT NOW?!”


I’d love to talk more about what coaching can do for your people pleaser and perfectionism.

peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.


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