Therapy is a laboratory to understand the self

Therapy offers an opportunity to shift from where you are to where you want to be.

A lot of us know where we want to be, but we have either tried a hundred things to get “there” or we have no idea where to start, so we stay in the same place.

Instead of cycling through the same thoughts and behaviors, therapy helps you move toward real and sustainable change. It offers an option to create the life you desire by discovering that the key to happiness isn’t out there. It’s an inside job!

I approach therapy as a laboratory to help you understand how you work, how you “do” life. Therapy is an opportunity to carve out time and space to listen deeply. Listening creates Clarity, Curiosity, Compassion and importantly, Choice. Therapy is a space to get real with your experiences.

I help shine a light on the blueprint that directs your life – mostly unconsciously. The first technique is to slow down and observe these automatic patterns. This helps you untangle the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that keep you stuck.

Slowing down allows you to discern your head from your body and heart. Most of us live in our minds – thinking, planning, rehearsing and replaying life events. Integrating the physical and the emotional (heart and gut) into the way you live your daily life is vital to becoming a whole person. In therapy, you learn that your entire experience is important.

I help you discover that your emotions aren’t just overwhelming experiences that need to be controlled. Instead, I help you slow them down. I help you befriend your feelings and appreciate them as messengers of important personal information. As you learn how to listen to your inner world, and follow its guidance, you develop a trust in yourself.

Throughout this process I teach compassionate ways to self-explore – ways to relax your inner critic and open the door to emotional agility and the freedom to change.

Over time, the observer emerges. This deeper sense of self does not rely on the outside world for affirmation. You begin to access to your intuition and increase your innate trust and confidence to handle what unfolds on your path.

A quiet mind is able to hear, intuition over fear.


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