I over-analyze everything.
I try to make sense of every little thing.
I go in circles with processing things.
I can’t get out of my own head.
I feel like I will never figure this out.
Need clarity from the spin in my head.
Do any of these sound familiar?

We all know stress is a given in our world today. We try to deal with it, but the reality is – we don’t want to feel the burden of it all the time. When we find ourselves wishing everything wasn’t such a mental ordeal, that’s a signal something needs to change.

A lot of us know what our problems are, we just don’t know how to fix them. Typically, when stress gets to the point that its interfering too much, we either zone out or we double down on thinking and try to figure it out. But too much thinking can lead to rumination and worry.

Our lives are busy and so our minds are busy. Sometimes so busy that life feels more overwhelming than our skills can handle

How we process everyday events is one of the reasons we are stressed in the first place.  

Mindfulness and meditation practices help us process daily life in ways that create more time, space and choice.

Most of us suffer when we feel rushed for time, when we are pressured by superhuman expectations and feel powerless to make changes we desire. Whether its feeling more effective at work or communicating better with the ones we love, mindfulness practices allow us to approach our lives from a more centered, clear, curious and compassionate stance.

Mindfulness is mind training. Just like going to the gym for our physical health, mindfulness is our inner gym. Practicing mindfulness starts with paying attention. Our attention is our superpower, just ask anyone in the marketing industry.

When we train ourselves to slow down and see what is happening around us, as well as our reaction to those situations, we move from reacting to responding. Having a broader perspective creates options and choices for ourselves. We are no longer subject to our habitual thought and behavior patterns.

To be able to slow down, take a look at what is actually happening and give ourselves a chance to respond in a clear and centered way…that is what I call freedom.

I call Mindfulness Advanced Common Sense. These principles create effectiveness in our outer lives as well as a true sense of peace in our inner world.

It might be time to slow down and take a fresh look at things.

 It might be time to step back and explore things that have accumulated.

 It might be time to develop a new way of seeing yourself and the world.

Mindfulness allows us to have a broader perspective and in that we often feel we can let things just “be”. We might not fight our experiences as much. And we can often actually feel a sense of openness inside. Like there is more room to breathe.

Counseling with a mindfulness approach can help you:

Feel more influential in your own life, not just living on autopilot.
Feel more capable of managing thoughts and feelings, instead of feeling hijacked by them.
Feel space between thoughts, instead of scattered and frantic from too many thoughts.
Feel real relief in your mind and body, and not just when you take a vacation!
Feel the relief that comes from having more choices to respond instead of reacting.

There are several ways I offer mindfulness counseling services in my Atlanta office.

Individual counseling:

Mindfulness is my foundational approach woven into every counseling session. Simply, it looks like slowing down, asking what the body is feeling, releasing ourselves from judging our experience and looking at things from a different perspective.

Groups and classes:

I teach introductory meditation classes that focus on more in-depth skills to help us work with thoughts, body sensations, emotions and self-compassion.

Here are some easy steps to get started on your counseling journey!

  1. Contact me, Vicki B. Smith, LPC
  2. Set up a short 5-10 minute phone call to discuss logistics and I can answer any questions.
  3. Start feeling relief from reacting and living on auto pilot and live in the freedom of a broader perspective.

Mindfulness counseling isn’t the only service I offer in my Atlanta office. Other mental health services Vicki B Smith, LPC provides include generalized anxiety treatment, counseling for burnout, imposter syndrome, counseling for perfectionism, as well as codependency counseling.


A quiet mind is able to hear, intuition over fear.


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